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Compare the measurements from you current eyeglasses with vintage eyewear on our site!

True vintage runs SMALL.  Back in the 50s the human head was smaller than ours is today, so measuring is important.  Be sure you are prepared to order your vintage eyeglasses.  Know your size.  Here's a little help with how to measure eyeglasses for a great fit.

  •  Measure inside, across the front, from hinge to hinge - see if your head will fit between the temples (arms) - MOST IMPORTANT
  •  Measure outside, across the front, from widest point to widest point - how wide are they, including and adornment on front
  •  Measure full temples from the hinge to the end that goes behind the ear - are the ear pieces long enough
  •  Compare measurements to your favorite current eyewear - do this important step for a perfect fit
  • JR or TOT size means better suited for an extremely small face, toddler or baby

For PREVIOUSLY WORN eyeglasses expect some general wear but no cracks or crazing that will affect the placement of your prescription. 

The NEW/old stock eyeglasses are vintage that have not been worn and will be in perfect to near perfect condition. 

The temples of vintage eyeglass frames (ear pieces) often have warping caused by the frames sitting folded for 50 years or more.  This can be easily adjusted by your eye care specialist.  The frames can be gently heated and then molded to fit your face perfectly.  The curve that goes over your ear can also be adjusted to fit perfectly.  Expect that vintage eyeglasses will sit a little crooked until they are adjusted.  This is perfectly normal and easily corrected when your perscription inserted.

When you have all your measurements, go shopping!

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